Pedzace Slimaki is another game in series of ‘running’ animals by Reiner Knizia. Quick, accessible and fun to play for kids and adults. We were testing this game during last Knavecon and it looks like this is another winner.

Game is simple enough, little bit more complicated than Turtles and more tactical, I think. Same as in Turtles, you draw card to determine which will be your snail but this time you will get 2 colours. It may happen that some snails are controlled by two players. Instead of using cards, players roll dice to move  snails on the board – first player will roll all 5 dice, choose one colour, move same colour snail and than pass remaining dice to next player. Game rounds continue like this until one player gets only one die in which case he/she receives back all 5 dice.

Dice have numbers 1 to 5 and snail symbol which counts as number 2 – if you choose snail symbol this dice will remain in play (it is passed to next player).

During game players can earn points by pushing back other snails if their snail finishes it’s move on same spot (one VP per snail) and also for landing on mushroom.

The game ends when one of the snails reaches last spot. At this point snails are awarded points: 5 VP for 1st place, 2 VP for 2nd place and 3 VP for last place (!!!). Player with most points combined wins the game. Easy.


Production quality is very good (especially for that price) – big wooden snails, great looking dice, nice board. Cards and VP tokens could be better quality but still pretty good for game that cost less than 3 pints 😉


Our first few games at home and few at Knavecon looked very similar – kids were running fast to finish line looking for those 5 points and completely ignoring pushing off other snails…This is bad idea. After more plays we discovered that real game is in the middle of the race where you need to constantly fight for points or for that last place that is worth extra 3 points. It is possible that 2 players have same colour snail and (not knowing) cooperate which can lead to some funny surprises during the end scoring.

Are Snails better than Turtles? I am not convinced yet but it took me about 10 years to discover how great Turtles are ;). There is more tactical play in Snails, little bit more bluffing, more game. It just needs more playtime and probably more playtime with adults. I like it and saw few families at Knavecon like it as well.

Final score:  8 Red Frogs out of 10