Here we go again, another good evening with some new games to try and some new faces to play with. We have started with attempt to play Adventure Time Card Wars as boys know this game from their tablets/phones. Digital version is little bit different regarding rules so there was some confusion at the beginning. Card Wars is also only 2 player game. We split so and started Pickomino on one table and My Little Prince on other. Girls started Centipede game.

I heard of Patryk great maths skills so decided to try Istanbul with him – this is 10+ game so I was not sure if he will be able to enjoy that as he is only 7. While waiting for another player to join I have slowly introduced rules to him (there are more than few rules though). We were all set up and ready to play after 15 minutes

This was really enjoyable session! Istanbul is one of those ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ games, it’s not for everyone and some kids might see this boring. Patryk won it and claimed it ‘best game ever’.

Table next to us was involved in some vicious monsters fight…yes, it was King of Tokyo and it looked like great fun 😉

Other tables were more peaceful games where you need to work together to win. Spooky Castle is very simple and quick game that is great introduction to cooperative games genre. It looks really pretty and re-theme (from Zombie Kids original) was good idea. I heard 4 or 5 games were played in a row

Last one (while waiting for us to finish Istanbul) was family classic Dobble. Kids are usually better than adults with those games…or maybe I am just that bad 😉

We can’t wait for next week to try some new games and see new faces. Patryk will try to hold his championship belt in Istanbul and I have a plan to introduce junior version of Catan to some newcomers. Happy gaming.

Stay tuned for more!