Some time ago I got a game in a ‘Good game in a good price’ line published in Poland by Egmont (Turtles, Snails): Rycerze i Zamki – for a price of a pint (around €5) we get fast filler with surprisingly good components quality (for this price) and pretty fun gameplay.


Game is really simple: you have a hand of 8 cards with different characters with 3 stats:  wood, stone and bricks + 2 bluff cards with no stats. Each round a castle tile is revealed and you are fighting to get it by using 2 of your characters cards  – there are 2 castles each: wooden, stone and brick. Whoever characters has most points in value for castle you are fighting for is a winner and receive this castle tile, if there are same character cards on the table all of those cards are discarded. If all cards are discarded winner of the round is player with sword which is awarded to player with lowest points or to youngest player if there is a tie.

All used cards are discarded but if drum tile is reveled instead of a castle than you can take one card from discard pile back into your hand.


There are 2 ‘bluff’ cards that have no stats and are always go back into your hand after played.


Each game is played over 7 rounds (you need to randomly remove one castle tile before game) and can last up to 5 minutes. You can play match that includes number of games equal to number of players and final result is sum of all games points.



For price of €5 it is really good game – super fast filler you can play with kids, it requires a little bit of strategy and some bluffing.

Our score: 7 frogs (extra one for price)