Kosmiczna misja is  simple kids game that I got while on holidays in Poland – it cost 19.90 PLN which is circa €5 (!!!). It’s a part of ‘Good game at good price’ project where all the games in that line are just 19.90 PLN. Kosmiczna misja is tile placement game aiming for kids age 6+, however we had a good time playing it with adults. It’s simple: build planets with as many space stations as possible.


Each planet is 4 tiles only, you roll a die and choose one tile from 3 visible ones – you either add it to existing planet or start new one (only 2 planets can be open at a time). You can only add a tile to planet that has less stations than die roll on your turn. Each Alien adds +1 to your die roll result.


When all tiles are gone than game ends and whoever has most stations on their completed planets wins.


For it’s price Kosmiczna Misja is fantastic filler you can play with your kids as young as 4 years – it’s quick, it’s easy, has nice theme and can teach your kids counting 😉 Highly recommend.