Best games to play with kids are cooperative games: with small kids you can do all the job and let them just roll the dice or move figures and it is still great time (for all). Flash Point is great example of good coop to play with kids – I have played it with 3 and 4 year old kids. There is family variant and advanced variant if you want more challenge, you can also mix rules from both as you like.

Board set up

Board set up


Your goal is to rescue people (and few animals) trapped in burning house. Each turn more and more smoke (and eventually fire) appears on board, walls of the house are weaker after every explosion and sometimes people get killed (you need to find a way how to explain this to kids 😉 ).


Each game using family variant should be around 30 minutes so it is pretty fast – just long enough to keep 5 year old focused 😉

Production quality is fantastic with some nice fire-fighters figures, great cards and double-sided board!


Cooperative play is not for everyone, some kids just prefer negative interaction (yes, we have one that will never play coop game) but it is great when you want to play with younger kids. Victory is always fun, even if it is shared victory 😉

Our score (Borys, Robert, Maya): 9 red frogs out of 10

Daniel’s score:  1 red frog out of 10 (he once played it just to kill people inside house, remind me of another coop hater that I meet every Thursday night)