I have only one dexterity game in my collection – Cube Quest. It is pretty cheap, rules are easy and you can play it in 5-10 minutes. Kids love it…well, until first 5 defeats in a row ;).

Your goal is to remove opponents King cube off the playing area – you do this by flicking your cubes and trying to hit other player cubes – easy ;). There are cubes with different special abilities like heal, freeze, extra flicks or teleport.


If your cube lands on opponents side with shadow face up you need to re-roll it and if it’s shadow side again it is then removed from play.


You can set up your game using simple point system – just choose any number of cubes worth 40 points (or whatever points you agree).


It is really fun and quick game. Components are not top quality (there is known problem with gaming mats and cubes are just plastic ones with stickers) but for the price of around €20 it is acceptable. (edit. New edition is currently out with improved gaming mats.)


I would recommended it as a family game, kids really love it and adults can also enjoy it thanks to this custom army points system.







Cube Quest is played at every Knavecon for last few years – many times younger kids just play with cubes or trying to do some trick shots (I should record few crazy shots with my new slo-mo enabled phone camera). It’s not a game that you play all the time but great entertainment for convention or as a gateway game for families or young kids.\

Our rating: 9 out of 10