Try somethng new!

All are welcome!

 The Children of Lore
5 Cecil Street



For who?

How much?
€5 per session

Why Are Games Great for Kids?

(big and small)

They are FUN!

And they have many other “side effects” –  learning social skills, developing strategic thinking, practicing sportsmanship, learning to follow the rules, plan ahead and predict the outcome of alternative moves, bonding with friends and family, helping memory and brain development, helping to unwind, relax and relief the stress – the list can go on and on…

But most importantly, they are FUN!


Who is it for?

All are welcome!

We invite all primary school kids to come in and try. At the start, esspecially with younger children and children that might have some special needs we ask parents to stay during the class – we promise you’ll have fun too! 

What kind of games are played?

We have well over 100 games in our library, including different Party Games, Adventure Games, Card Games, Fantasy Games, Cooperative Games, Dice Games, Deck Building, Worker Placement Games… 

We usually start with easy party games and gradually introduce kids to more complex games, as they learn new skills. 

Do you have any rules?

Board games might have plenty of rules, but we really only have two:

#1 Play the games in a way so that everyone has fun.

#2 Treat the game materials with the utmost respect.

Can I bring my own game?

Absolutely! We love trying new games! We can’t guarantee we will play it on a particular day, but yes, bring it in and show everyone your favourite game.

Is there a parking?

On-street parking – free from 5:30pm.

What is your photo sharing policy?

We do take pictures for promotional/social media use, so we can share board games passion. Please let us know if you would like your child to be excluded from the pictures.

Food & Drink

We encourage parents to provide a drink in a container that can be closed – games don’t like spills!
No food is allowed in the club.